Aromaphil Industries, Inc. (APi) has been in the market since 1998 and is continuously expanding.  The company decided to take part in the export industry by catering to the needs of establishments in the United StatesAPi back then carried the line of handicrafts specially that of angels, sinamay and several kinds of containers.  Two years later, the company decided to expand its selection and included coco midrib, buri midrib, together with other items related to the floral industry.
Simultaneous with the expansion of their lines, APi has joined trade exhibits to penetrate the European markets which gave way to acquiring additional buyers that boosted the company’s creativity.
To date, APi has almost a hundred personnel which has strengthened the work force and allowed the company to sustain the buyers’ demands.  The bulk of the job is done by subcontractors and piece workers.  The production capacity is adjustable to conform to the volume demanded by buyers.  It exports regularly at an average of 8 containers a month which values range from US $8,000.00 to US $35,000.00 per 1x40’ container depending on the products involved.